Monday, November 24, 2008

Dura-Torque Torsion Axle

In light of Robert's leaf spring axle rebuild description, I thought it might be interesting to see Wally Byam's sales pitch for the torsion axle he introduced in the Airstream line in 1961. Click on the photo to see it large enough to read.

A few thoughts. Mostly, Wally's promise of a better ride and less maintenance has proven to be true now 47 years later. We still see original axles on early 1960s trailers having had no maintenance at all through the years. Although they last a long time, the promise of never having to replace a torsion axle is not true. Most torsion axles from the 1960s and 1970s should now be replaced. They have lost their suspension and are now sagging.

Fortunately, three companies now make torsion axles. GKN, the current owner of the Dura-Torque brand still makes torsion axles in Jackson Center, Ohio. They bought Henschen, the original Dura-Torque maker sometime around 2005. Dexter Axle, the largest and best known trailer axle company in North America also makes torsion axles. Finally, Axis Products, a less known company manufactuers a torsion axle. Some experts believe the Axis product is the best choice among the three brands, but I don't think a definitive side-by-side comparison has been done.

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